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The Best LED Christmas Lights: Energy Efficient Decorations Feature Full Wave Technology

LED Christmas lights – they’re boring, right? They have monotone colors and low light levels, don’t they? Think again. New LED Christmas lights are on the market, and they can compete with the best of the traditional incandescent Christmas light market. These LED lights are also energy-efficient. They’re up to 99 percent more efficient than standard Christmas lights, making LEDs a logical and frugal choice for Christmas decorating.

LED Christmas lights

LED Christmas lights By Aladin Fazel & The Home Depot

LED Christmas Lights Now Come With Fun Features

When LED lights first entered the market, they came in a limited range of colors. They didn’t flash, they didn’t come in Christmas shapes, nor did they cast much of a glow. Things have changed in the last few years. As LED technology has improved, so has the range of Christmas light features available to those who love to decorate. Today, look for lights that feature:

  • Rainbow colors of lights on the same string.
  • Different shapes of LED Christmas lights. These lights used to come in the traditional bulb shape, but they now come in a squat round shape or a long, thin icicle for those who are looking for more variation.
  • Color changes. These lights are fantastic for a front door or a tree. They slowly change colors, tricking the eye as they move along the color spectrum. The effect is much more interesting than the color changes of traditional Christmas lights.
  • LED animals. For those who like to secret a deer away in a snow bank or who place Santa on the roof, look for three-dimensional LED light shapes.
  • Using LED lights inside and outside the home? Look for multi-functional lights that can be used indoors and outdoors. Some LED lights are only suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Rainbow Colors LED

Rainbow Colors LED

Full Wave Technology Brightens the Look of LED Christmas Lights

For Christmas light connoisseurs, the quality of LED lights has been a concern. For the first few years of commercial LED Christmas lights, the lights were half wave. These LED lights used half of the alternating current (AC) wave. Half wave lights turn on and off at a high speed. While this makes them energy efficient, it also has a visual impact because the flickering can be visible to the human eye. Full wave LED technology means that the lights use both parts of the current. This eliminates flickering and makes the light much brighter. Full wave lights are slightly less efficient and don’t last quite as long as half wave lights, but compared to traditional Christmas lights they are still very efficient.

LED Christmas lights

Different shapes of LED Christmas lights By

Looking for energy-efficient Christmas lights? New LED light technologies are here! These new technologies give traditional Christmas lights some excellent competition. New LED lights can change colors and come in shapes. Full wave lights are brighter than standard LED lights as well! Environment and budget-minded Christmas decorators would do well to place LED lights at the top of the Christmas list.

Environmental Lights By Environmentallights


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