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Easy, Green Ideas for Family Christmas Fun: Christmas Activities for Kids Make Lasting Family Memories

ChristmasIt doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to have fun with family at Christmas. Family Christmas traditions can be cheap, easy and focused on giving, not buying. Here are eight ideas for low-cost, high-reward family Christmas traditions.

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories By

1. Bake a Gift

Instead of buying gifts for friends, spend some time in the kitchen with the family baking up gifts. Festive breads, gingerbread cookies and holiday cakes make delicious, earth-friendly Christmas gifts and most kids love to spend time with their favourite adults making sweet treats.

Bake a Gift

Bake a Gift By

2. Go Ice Skating

Whether the rink is indoors or outdoors, lacing on some skates and taking a turn around the ice is a great family Christmas activity. Babies will enjoy watching the action from a bundled up stroller.

Ice Skating Christmas

Ice Skating Christmas By

3. Look at Christmas Lights

Take an evening walk as a family or drive around the neighbourhood in the car to see all the Christmas decorations. Who’s got the most lights? Inflatable reindeer? How many Santas climbing down chimneys? This activity is completely free and very memorable.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights By

4. Sing Christmas Carols

Nothing stirs up feelings of Christmas cheer like singing carols. Put on a recording of favorite seasonal songs and belt away inside the house, or bundle up and head out to a carolling concert.

Sing Christmas Carols

Sing Christmas Carols By

5. Make Popcorn Garlands

Children who are old enough to handle a needle and thread responsibly can make popcorn garlands to decorate the tree. All that is required is a bowl of dry popped corn, a large blunt needle and a length of thread with a large knot on the end.

How to Make a Popcorn Garland By FaveCrafts

6. Read Christmas Stories

Children learn the meaning of cultural traditions both by experiencing them in family activities and by reading stories about those traditions and where they come from. Reading stories from different cultures will give kids an appreciation for the fact that not everyone celebrates holidays the same way.

Read Christmas Stories

Read Christmas Stories

7. Write Letters to Santa

For families who expect Santa to bring presents on Christmas Eve, writing a letter to Santa is a fun activity for kids and parents alike. Canadians can even mail those letters to Sanata Claus, North Pole, Canada, H0H 0H0.

Write Letters to Santa

Write Letters to Santa By

8. Make Cards for Friends & Family

Craft time is a great opportunity for children to make their own gifts and cards to send to friends and family. Whether a young child draws with wax crayons or an older child or teenager writes the family Christmas letter, allowing children to participate helps them make memories and holiday traditions of their own.

How to make Christmas Pop Up Card  By tCraft

Holiday traditions vary from culture to culture and from family to family. With a mix of traditional and unique activities, each family can create their own special holiday traditions and memories that will be passed on to future generations.


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