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Going Green For Christmas: Eco Friendly Propane Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers & Weed Trimmers

Holiday shopping for men can be challenging. For the man who enjoys getting new power tools and likes to work in the yard, Christmas shopping just got easier. With all the attention of, ” going green,” eco friendly industries are coming with residential cordless alternativea to gas powered equipment.


Eco-Friendly By

Propane Lawn Mowers

Almost four years ago, eco friendly lawn care industries began introducing propane alternatives to gas powered equipment, Commercial grade lawn mowers became available in the spring of 2016. Now, the same kind of planet-saving efficiency is being developed for personal residential lawn care.

This would be a good choice for someone who has a large yard to tend to. Buying, mixing and storing gasoline and oil mixtures are eliminated. Propane is easily accessible. It can be home delivered or picked up at local retailers.

The benefits of using propane equipment include an 80% reduction in toxic emissions compared with diesel and gasoline, and propane is about a 30% cheaper per gallon. Propane burns clearer than gasoline and may reduce repair and maintenance costs on the lawn mower. There’s less dirt and contaminants in the fuel. The oil in the equipment stays cleaner. It could last longer. Internal engine parts will also stay cleaner and more efficient do to the cleaner oil and fuel.

Propane Lawn Mowers

Propane Lawn Mowers By

Studies indicate that because propane is cheaper and more efficient, using a propane lawn mower can double cutting time before refueling. Also, extra fuel can be stored on the lawn mower, eliminating the need to return to the shed or garage for refuel.

This wonderful new equipment is not cheap right now. Push mowers that run on propane are costing about £4,000. Riding lawn mowers are starting at £7,000. However, to get started in the eco friendly direction inexpensive conversion kits are available to convert a gas powered lawn mower into propane using model.

Propane Weed Trimmers

For those looking for a smaller, less expensive gift this year, consider a Lehr propane weed eater. These are getting great reviews. They retail for about  £200 at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s. They may also be found on eBay.


Propane Weed Trimmers

Propane Weed Trimmers By

This is a good choice if the individual has large area to trim and weed. It’s light weight, runs on less fuel, and additional small tanks can be carried along for fast refuel. This particular model is very powerful and can handle tall grass and tough weeds easily.

Eco Friendly Options

Several companies are developing more environmentally friendly products. For lawn care, Lehr and Neuton have become the forerunners. Neuton was the first to develop a battery operated cordless lawnmower. Now, consumers can purchase eco friendly lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and leaf blowers. The newest leaf blower is also a mulcher and a lawn vacuum. Consumers will also see more solar powered gadgets developed in years to come, as industries look for more ways to save money and natural resources.

Neuton develop a battery operated cordless lawnmower

Neuton develop a battery operated cordless lawnmower By


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