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Residential Wind Power DIY: The Cheapest DIY Wind Generation System

Mr. Fan Yong Guang is a Chinese farmer live in Yang Jia Miao, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province. Since 2010 he has paid nothing for his electricity bills, for all the electricity of the family was generate by his DIY homemade wind power system.

His residential wind power system consists of wind power blades, wind power generators, storage cells, and brackets.

How Wind Power Works

How Wind Power Works By

Fan said that the system can averagely generate more than 20 kilowatt hour of electricity a day. The system can work even under breeze. If the wind is strong, the wind power generation could go beyond the need. “The superfluous electricity can be stored in the storage cells for the future use,” said Fan.

DIY Wind Generation System

DIY Wind Generation System By

DIY Residential Wind Power Generation System

The 54-year-old Fan had no chance to receive high school education. But he like electronics and learned it by himself.
To make the wind power system for homes at lowest cost, Fan made almost all the accessories by himself.

The first step is to make the wind power turbine generator. Fan made the cell of the wind turbine generator in a local metal casting factory. Then he bought the rotors and lacquered wires to make the generator.

The second step is to make the wind power turbine blades. The secret of Fan’s residential wind power system is the materials of the wind turbine blades. He tested more than 10 materials, including steal panels, aluminum panels, and PVC panels, but failed. Finally he found that the material of the body armors can be used to make wind turbine blades.

The material of China’s body armors is Kevlar fiber. Fan got pieces of waste Kevlar fibers from one of his friends. Then he coated the Kevlar fiber with super glues such as seccotine. When the glues dried, the good turbine blades done. Fan used 4 pieces of 12-Volt storage cells to store the electricity.


Homemade DIY Wind Turbine Generator By desertsun02


The Cost of Home Wind Power Generation System

Mr. Fan might make the cheapest residential wind power generator in the world. The DIY homemade wind power system totally costs him 20,000 yuan (£2,900). But he said that the cost could be down to only 3,000 yuan – 4,000 yuan (£440 – £580), for he had spent too much money on buying materials for testing.


The Useful Time of Homemade Wind Power System

Fan estimated that the useful time of his homemade wind power system is 20 years. But he can recover all the cost just within one year by saving electricity bills.

Sources: This article is based on the reports of the Chinese newspapers and TV, including the report of the Tsingtao Daily and a program of the local TV station.

Residential Wind Power Generation

Residential Wind Power Generation


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