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How to Start a Carpool: Reduce Commuting Costs and Lower Your Gas Bill by Carpooling

The price of gasoline has everyone concerned; even when the cost drops a bit, everyone waits for that inevitable hike. Car-pooling can be a good alternative to those who hate the crowds and irregularity of public transit. Plus, it reduces your carbon footprint, by decreasing the number of cars on the road by Carpooling.


Get the Word Out: Carpooling Saves Money and Time

It all starts with asking your co-workers how they come to work. Do they take public transit, or drive in? If they drive in, who do they share their ride with in the morning? Some people have a system that involves chauffeuring kids, their partner, or another family member, so don’t pry or demand. Another obstacle to such ad-hoc surveys can be the problem of shift-work.


Shift-Work and Carpool Organization

Different start times for different departments can make planning a carpool a tricky venture. One un-obtrusive way of finding out if people are interested and what their schedule looks like. Is to post a sign on a common room bulletin board that briefly states your wish to start a car-pool.

Under your opening paragraph, make a spreadsheet that looks a bit like a calendar along the top. Month and days of the week on the vertical grid, and names, shift start and end time, availability and finally, office extension phone numbers or email. Putting your own up there would be a good start to getting the ball rolling.

However, check with your company’s management regarding such postings. Some companies have strict (if not downright strange) policies on company-wide postings, or starting of initiatives, no matter how beneficial they may be.

We’d advise you approach your immediate supervisor with your plan to green your company’s commute. (Another plan I would recommend is typing out your plan, dating it and mailing it to yourself in case this supervisor tries to take credit for your idea.)


Motivation for Carpooling: Makes the Company Look Good

More and more companies are adding “green” strategies into their work-day habits, from banning Styrofoam plates and foam-plastic cups to reducing hydro. Why not have your management discuss organizing car-pools as part of its green strategy? If your managers seem reluctant, try the following tactics that may serve as PR tools for your company to boost its image.

  • Have them consider the amount of time it takes for the average public transit user to commute, as compared to someone using a car.
  • Evaluate the costs it would save having more staff come to work on time.
  • Assess the morale it could raise, having more staff getting to know one another personally.
  • Examine the profit or popularity of companies that espouse “green values” like reducing their carbon footprint by encouraging carpooling. Some companies even put this in their mission statement.

Carpooling By

Carpooling Websites and Online Resources

Should your boss refuse the idea of a company-wide or even building-wide carpool system, there is still hope for those determined to reducing climate change and saving energy.


Carpool Services Across Canada

There are websites that are designed to link up various drivers with potential carpoolers within various cities across Canada.

One Canada wide carpool resource, which started back in 1992, and won the BC Hydro PowerSmart Award for Outstanding Achievement in Energy Conservation.
Another website is: Carpool Tool, a company that works with Carpool zone, Rideshare and various other locations throughout Canada.

One website links carpoolers throughout the world, and goes by the name of Carpool World.


Regional or Local Carpool Services

A website for finding a way to cut travel cost in Toronto is Carpool Zone, which services the Greater Toronto Area (GTA and Hamilton).

The University of Alberta also got in on the carpooling action, and has a carpool system for its students, and those riding to and from the campus.
British Columbia’s Carpool System involves a fleet of cars that can carpool on Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Let us know how you organized your carpool, or if you have any other websites that had helped you in starting your carpool!


How to Start a Carpool By Howcast


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